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Wedding Investments

We do a lot of dual-media (pictures, video, photo booth and DJ) weddings, and it’s great to have a team that’s worked together countless times overseeing the capture of your big day. We encourage you to pick a video package, select a photo package, a booth & DJ if you’re still looking for those too, and let's make something happen! Alternatively, consider our Floater package: 1 dedicated videographer, 1 dedicated photographer, and 1 “floater” – someone alternating between photo and video. This package allows us to offer a little better video and more photos than our conventional package combinations, while saving you some money!

As a quick example, our photography, videography, photo booth & DJ package starts at $4200. This includes 8 hours of video, 8 hours of photos, 4 hours of photo booth, and 4 hours of DJ coverage! You'll get hosting in an online gallery w/ download link (accessible only to those you share it with) for 1 year, archival disc of images mailed to you, no watermarks/copyrights; do literally anything you want with these photos, and prints & albums available at cost (starting at $175/album).


Package I - The Works - $4100

This is it. This is the end-all, be-all of wedding video. This is what other companies work toward and what so many of them charge twice as much for. For this package we’ll show up when you want and leave when you’re done, and do all sorts of awesome stuff in between. Suffice it to say we pull out all the stops here. We only do a handful of these packages a year, doing one a month during our busy season, as they require an extensive amount of planning and preparation, but the result is always, always worth it. Please contact us for details regarding this package, as there’s just too much to list (and I, Jason, get really excited when telling people about it, so I’d rather do it that way)!

Start to finish coverage (Up to 12 hours of coverage)
6 cameras / 2 videographers & assistant
Drone videography (weather/venue permitting)
4K footage (ceremony & live events)
*Wireless audio & DJ hookups (when available) for crystal-clear vows & speeches
Extended cinematic trailer (8-12 minutes in length – this is the one you’ll want to show off)
Edited copy of live events: ceremony, speeches, dances, more if applicable
*Downloadable HD versions of each film
Includes special cinematic equipment and posed-shot session (ask about this — it’s pretty awesome)
*these elements are included in every package listed below as well

Package II - Heirloom - $3000

Heirloom is similar to Keepsake in quality, but builds on it in time; with this package, you'll receive expert coverage from two Steady State videographers for up to eight hours, ensuring ample time to capture all the big stuff -- and the small stuff, too. Re-live your big day with our amazing films time and time again with this detailed package!

8 Hours On-Site
4-5 camera ceremony / 2 operators
Cinematic trailer (6-8 minutes)
Instagram video
Edited copy of all main events
Drone footage (weather/venue permitting)
Add a love story interview for $350!
Instagram-ready video (45-60sec)

Package III - Keepsake - $2200

Our Keepsake option is for couples who care about their wedding film. Simplicity and Memento are perfect for elegant, fun films, but those finished videos are a little on the simpler side, simply because one videographer can only do so much. With Keepsake, you receive two professional videographers, which means more angles, more coverage, and more detail in your finished products. This package also includes drone footage (if the weather and your venue permit - some restrictions do apply) at no additional cost!

5 Hours On-site
3-4 cameras (for ceremony) / 2 operators
Wireless audio, ceremony
Cinematic trailer (6-8 minutes)
Aerial footage (weather/venue permitting)
Web-friendly video to upload to your Facebook or Youtube
Add a copy of all raw footage delivered via USB for $150!

Package IV - Memento - $1900

Memento builds on Simplicity in both time and elegance, adding several hours to the overall coverage. The result is an extended-length highlight film, and obviously more coverage on your big day! Perfect for those larger or longer weddings where grandma can't make the trip.

8 Hours On-site
3 cameras / 1 operator
Assistant, to ensure things go smoothly
Wireless audio for ceremony
Extended Highlight Film (6-8 minutes)
Add a slideshow & projector rental for $200!
Add drone footage for $200!

Package V - Simplicity - $1400

Simplicity is exactly that: applying the simple efficiency of one professional videographer and a trained assistant to your event. You’ll receive an elegant, beautifully-edited video, perfect for the basic commemorative wedding film.

Five hours on-site
3 cameras for main events / 1 operator
Highlight Film (4-6 minutes)
Wireless audio for ceremony & speeches
(add an edited copy of all live events for $250!)

Package VI – The Basics - $700 *only available on certain days

Raw footage only, provided on a flash drive
add editing for just $350

Three hours on-site
2 cameras / 1 operator


Package I - $2800

Ten hours on-site
Two photographers
*Hosting in an online gallery w/ download link (accessible only to those you share it with) for 1 year
*No watermarks/copyrights; do literally anything you want with these photos
*Prints & albums available (starting at $200/album)
*$100 off engagement shoot (ordinarily $250)
*these elements are included in every package listed below as well

Package II - $2200

Eight hours on-site
Two photographers
Engagement photos included

Package III - $1750

Five hours on-site
Two photographers
$100 off engagement shoot (ordinarily $250)

Package IV - $1500

Eight hours on-site
One photographers

Package V - $1200

Five hours on-site
One photographer
Add an assistant for just $100!

Photo Booth

Not a lot of package options on this one; we typically offer our booth for 4 hours for $550. This includes unlimited color prints, a booth attendant, a bunch of props, and a customized image template with your name & date!


Our DJ services begin at $650 for 4 hours.